Print your PhotoShelter orders with Aspen Creek Photo!  We're a proud member of PhotoShelter's Print Vendor Network and can fulfill your print orders for youi with our professional quality products. 

Step 1: Create a PhotoShelter account.
Already a PhotoShelter subscriber with sales set up? Skip ahead to Step 2!
PhotoShelter is your complete solution to sell, display, and deliver your photography, and it allows you to easily link your account with Aspen Creek Photo, so we can fulfill your print sales for you. You can learn more about PhotoShelter in their product tour or sign up for an account, which begins with a 2-week $1 trial.

Once you’re registered with PhotoShelter, you should:
- Upload your photos.
- Create galleries to display on your website.
- Pick your site’s look and feel.
- Get set up to sell.

Step 2: Create your product list.
Sending orders to Aspen Creek Photo for printing is simple. Once you’ve made a sale, just visit the invoice page, choose us as the vendor, and click send!

First, though, you’ll need to define which products you’d like to make available for sale. Our system makes use of PhotoShelter’s self-fulfillment platform, which means you enter whichever items you want to offer, describe and price them how you like, and determine which shipping options you’d like to offer.

The system is designed so you can enter any product and shipping options you like, but if you plan to use Aspen Creek Photo , make sure that what your offering matches our available products and shipping methods.

Be specific when naming your products 
When you enter your product into PhotoShelter's database, we recommend including the paper type and mounting type in the name of your product. The more specific you are in naming your product, the less opportunity for error, or miscommunication with your clients.

For example, if you want clients to be able to order an 8x10 print on Fuji Matte, then call your product "8x10 Matte Print" (not just 8x10 print).

Step 3: Set Your Prices.
Once you’ve defined the prints and products you want to sell, your last step is to create or edit a pricing profile. Here, underneath the “Self-Fulfilled” header, you’ll indicate how much you want to charge for each item.

Then, select the images you want to price for sale (either from your archive or a gallery), use the pricing command, and select the pricing profile you want to use for this group.

Congratulations - you’re open for business!
Now, whenever sales come in, send them to us for printing and shipping. We’re excited to continue our work with you.

Please note that we will bill you directly, so after your first sale (if not beforehand), please give us a call at 800-799-4576 to provide a credit card number or paypal email address.