Drum Scans

Film photography is alive and well because of it's unique look and characteristics. But if you want to print it, you need to scan it,  and there is no better way than our world class drum scanning service. 

The key to our drum scans is the perfect melding of man and machine. Our Tango Drum scanner resolves 16 bits of data at up to 10,780 dpi, and can pull all the color and spatial resolution from your film. But our Tango is like an Indy Car without a driver. It can't win the race on it's own. Turning the Tango's RAW output into a useable scan takes a artist's eye, keen sensibility, and years of experience. That's why we use Jeff Grandy, who has over 13 years experience making the very best drum scans for our sister company West Coast Imaging. Some of your favorite photographers use his scans, and you've seen them on the covers of countless books and magazines, as well as fine art exhibitions. 

How big do you need to scan? Here's what most people do:

35mm film 200MB RGB / 135MB greyscale

120 film 600MB RGB / 300MB greyscale

4x5 film 600MB RGB / 300MB greyscale

600MB RGB is large enough to make a 30x40 inch print at 300dpi. If you need more, we can scan much much larger!

Got Questions? Call or email Jeff 559-641-7338 ex11 jeff@westcoastimaging.com

To order, fill out our order form and ship your film to: Aspen Creek Photo, 40094 HWY 49, Oakhurst, CA 93644

Our $6.99 flat rate shipping does not apply to this product,  you will be billed actual shipping charges. Scan orders can only be shipped separately from other ACP products. 

16-bit Scan Pricing
100MB 35MB $24.95
200MB 70MB $39.95
400MB 135MB $49.95
600MB 200MB $79.95
800MB 265MB $99.95
900MB 300MB $109.95
1000MB 335MB $119
1200MB 400MB $139
1440MB 480MB $225
1600MB 535MB $275

Quantity Discounts*
1-14 No discount
15-25 10% off
26-35 15% off
36-59 20% off
60-99 25% off
100+ Call

*Quantity Discounts only apply to scans. These discounts apply to the total number of transparencies or negatives included within ONE order. While we will work to complete your order as promptly as possible, there is no guaranteed turnaround time for scans with quantity discounts. If you need your order by a specific date, discounted pricing will not apply to your order. Quantity discounts may not be combined with sales or with any other offers. Quantity discounts apply to scans made from 35mm film, medium format film (645 to 6x17) and 4x5 images. 8x10 images do not qualify for quantity discounts. The quantity scan discounts listed above only apply to scans 100mb or larger - please contact us if you would like to scan a large number of images under 100mb. To qualify for quantity discounts, you must write the words "Quantity Discount" in the promotional code section of the order form. Orders without these words will be billed at our regular pricing.