Matte - Gloss - Luster 8x10 $1.25 8x12 $1.50   Pearl 8x10 $1.75 8x12 $1.75   SuperGloss 8x10 $6 8x12 $7   Entrada Rag 8x10 $9 8x12 $10

SuperGloss paper's beauty goes beyond description. With unparalleled gloss, stunning sharpness and detail, and remarkable depth of color, its vibrance glows like no other paper or process. 
That's why it's the choice of many top nature photographers, who sell their work for the highest prices. If you put it side-by-side on the wall with any other paper, the SuperGloss print will always stand out.
The almost-magical look of SuperGloss comes from its base. Unlike normal photo papers that use a resin coated paper base, SuperGloss uses polyester plastic. The polyester is what gives the incredible gloss and depth, when coupled with a traditional photographic emulsion, which is exposed with light and processed in chemistry. Inkjet prints have yet to equal this incredible look.
Of course, all of these superlatives come with a price. SuperGloss is the most expensive photo paper Fuji makes, so it's not a fit for every photographic need. However, many of our customers have come to love this as a rare special, we're offering a sale on multiple sizes of SuperGloss prints:
30x45 - $99
30x40 - $99
24x36 - $69
24x32 - $60
24x30 - $55
20x30 - $49
16x24 - $31 
16x20 - $25
12x18 - $16
11x14 - $10
8x12 - $7
8x10 - $6

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