Matte - Gloss - Luster 8x10 $1.25 8x12 $1.50   Pearl 8x10 $1.75 8x12 $1.75   SuperGloss 8x10 $6 8x12 $7   Entrada Rag 8x10 $9 8x12 $10

Tired of making 16x20 prints that force you to crop your digital camera files? Make 16x24 prints instead!
16x24 prints have the same 2:3 aspect ratio used by most dSLRs and other digital cameras, which means you can print your photos full-frame (and you won't lose any of your image). The 16x24 size also gives your prints an impressive impact on the wall.
This weekend, order 16x24 prints in matte, gloss or luster for just $12.99 ($7 off our list price). See the difference first hand, and make 16x24 your new standard print size! 

It's easy to order! Download the Aspen Creek Photo ROES ordering app for Windows and Mac, choose the paper surface you want in the "Specials" tab, and place your order.  

Your beautiful prints will be at your door in no time!

As always, our sales come and go sure to order by 11:59 PM Pacific on Sunday, September 21, 2014, to get in on this great deal! 

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