Matte - Gloss - Luster 8x10 $1.25 8x12 $1.50   Pearl 8x10 $1.75 8x12 $1.75   SuperGloss 8x10 $6 8x12 $7   Entrada Rag 8x10 $9 8x12 $10

Large 16x24 prints are a perfect match for the shimmering iridescence and luminous colors of Kodak Metallic paper. You'll get colors that practically glow, adding a rich metallic reflectance in bold, saturated colors. Kodak Metallic is great for everything from portraits to landscape, and especially for HDR. 
Kodak Metallic is a RA-4 light sensitive photo paper that is exposed with great precision using ICC profiles in our ZBE Chromira, a Professional Grade Digital Enlarger. 
This weekend, you have the chance to adorn your walls, fill your orders, and wow your audience with 16x24 Kodak Metallic prints for just $18.50 each.

It's easy to order! Download the Aspen Creek Photo ROES ordering app for Windows or Mac, choose 16x24 Kodak Metallic Prints in the "Specials" tab, and place your order. Your beautiful prints will be at your door in no time!
As always, our sales come and go sure to order by 11:59 PM Pacific on Monday, August 3, 2014, to get in on this great deal! 

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